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All evenings after 5:00 pm -  flat rate $300.00

Birthday parties & Celebrations of Life during the day $150.00

Damage deposit required upon booking (Cash only) $200.00



Hall Renters will require proof of Liquor Licence where applicable if liquor is being served

Liability insurance $2,000,000 minimum


Keys to the Hall:

If lost or damaged, automatic forfeiture of damage deposit



The stove and refrigerator may be used by the renter at no charge

The dishes and cutlery is rented at $50.00


Wheelchair Accessibility:

The Hall can be accessed by wheelchair at the East Entrance.

Wheelchair accessible washrooms must be rented separately by Renter as the Hall does not have Wheelchair accessible washrooms.


Setup and Cleanup:

  • All decorations must be attached without Nails, Tape or Staples  on Walls or Ceiling.
  • Tacks may be used on Walls not Ceiling.
  • Mop & Broom are in the Storage area and floors must be swept, with spills mopped.
  • Tables to be wiped clean and returned upright,without damage to storage room.
  • Return all Chairs, folded and stacked with seat upward on dollies. (25 chairs per dolly, NOT to be used outside the Hall)
  • Dollies to be returned to Storage room.
  • Renter is responsible for removing all Garbage in Hall & Bathrooms.
  • Wipe down Kitchen area including Sink, Refrigerator,Counter and Stove if used.
  • Hall to be cleaned and locked by 1:30 AM.
  • Keys to Hall must be returned the by the end of the following day.


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